School Uniform

School uniform is worn to encourage the development of self-confidence and pride in the school and a high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students.

Respect is one of our core values and uniform at Willow Primary School is an important part of instilling pride and high expectations, protecting students and supporting effective teaching and learning.

At Willow Primary School we believe:

  • A school uniform promotes a sense of pride in the school and reinforces our core values.
  • Promotes a feeling of community and belonging
  • Is practical and smart
  • Identifies the children with the school
  • Is not a distraction in class
  • Makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance
  • Is regarded as suitable
  • Is good value for money 

Uniform Expectations

Reception to Year 6

  • Grey knee length skirt or Pinafore dress.
  • Grey trousers or shorts (in summer)
  • White Blouse/ shirt or white polo shirt (plain)
  • School logo sweatshirt or cardigan (with  Logo on) 
  • Summer Dress (red/white gingham check only)
  • Plain white, grey or black socks.
  • Plain red or grey tights.
  • Small hair bobbles/bands in school colours.  


  • Smart black school shoes are allowed - all shoes are to be sensible, black and low-heeled. 
  • Boots or Trainers are not acceptable for children to wear  in school. 
  • Wellington boots can be worn to school in case of bad weather but they MUST be removed on entry to the school building. (Please provide your child with a plastic carrier bag to keep the wellingtons in during the school day and their normal school shoes to change into when in the school building).

PE Uniform

  • PE Uniform consists of black shorts and a white t-shirt with black indoor trainers/ plimsolls.
  • Please help us to reinforce our high standards and expectations by ensuring that your son/daughter is wearing full school uniform at all times.
  • All children who attend Willow must have the correct PE Uniform and wear it on the days that they have PE:

Indoor Kit

  • White round neck t-shirt (polo shirts are not allowed due to Health and Safety)
  • Black Shorts
  • White socks
  • Black Plimsolls (non marking indoor footwear)

Outdoor Kit

  • White round neck t-shirt (polo shirts are not allowed)
  • Plain black jogging bottoms
  • Plain black outdoor training style top
  • White sports socks
  • Outdoor trainers - please avoid branded items

Items must not have logos and long hair must be tied up so please remember to include a hair tie/ bobble in with your child's kit if they have long hair. 

All items are available from our online supplier 'Gooddies' and  high street shops, online and supermarkets. 

School cardigans and sweatshirts can be purchased via the online store on the link at the bottom of the page.

All items of clothing and footwear (including coats and jackets) should be clearly named.


The wearing of jewellery is not allowed with the exception of small stud earrings that are covered with tape and watches. We advise against children having their ears pierced during the school term. Earrings must be removed  during PE lessons and  for swimming. 


Extreme hairstyles (tram lines, tails, colours and highlights) will not be allowed. In the interests of health and safety, all pupils with hair that is long enough to be tied back will be asked to do so for PE, games, food technology and design technology.

Online Ordering

Our uniform is available to order online at our uniform provider Gooddies, please see the information below.

Non-uniform days

Days when the uniform code is relaxed and children can wear their own clothes for the day. This does not mean that children can wear anything. The following items are not permitted to be worn on non-uniform days.

  • Heelys
  • High heels
  • Overly cropped tops
  • Hotpants
  • Any clothing with rude or vulgar language/ symbols on that may cause offence

This list is not exhaustive and we do expect parents to think about what they allow their children to wear.