Willow Graduate Programme - Independent Study Resources for Pupils

The Willow Graduate Programme

In order to enhance our knowledge based curriculum, the Willow Graduate Awards Programme has been developed by the school. This knowledge-based Graduate Awards Programme is designed to complement our curriculum and appeal to the children’s scholarly aspirations and promote self-motivation and engagement in learning, all of which are included in the school’s ASPIRE Values. 

Children who wish to become Graduates in the available study topics can elect to study at home and in school during their own time, taking the Graduate Test when they know they are ready.

To graduate in a subject, pupils must research and present their knowledge about an important figure in that subject, they must also learn about and be able to recall their knowledge about a particular study topic linked to the subject. 

Learning Resources 

Use these resources, as well as your own research, to learn about the subjects in the Willow Graduate Programme.