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We have a structured approach to how our teachers plan maths education using a 6 part lesson. We use the White Rose Maths Hub format for planning learning across the year however our teachers use a range of resources and ideas to bring maths to life. 


During lessons, pupils review prior learning, develop new learning, work independently and collaboratively, always including paired talk and oracy into maths lessons. This approach enables children to learn new concepts, practise them and apply them in different contexts to deepen their confidence and understanding.


Through our approach to teaching Maths, the children:

  • Have opportunities to use, extend and test ideas, thinking and reasoning.
  • Explore maths and look for patterns, rules and properties, leading to an understanding of mathematical rules.
  • Talk about maths to adults and children, and have space and time to think about ideas and methods, or to ask questions.
  • Use mathematical vocabulary and use symbols, images, diagrams and models to support problem solving and reasoning.
  • Use and apply mathematics in and beyond the classroom, making links to wider contexts.
  • Calculate with accuracy and efficiency and be able to check their own solutions.
  • Review and take responsibility for their own learning, making suggestions and following their own ideas regularly.
  • Use effective feedback from teachers or from other pupils to improve their work.

Mental Maths and Maths Masterclasses:

Our children practise mental maths on a daily basis through our Maths Masterclasses.

Pupils use the online Mathletics  and Time Table Rock Stars packages in school and for homework too.