Food and drinks, School Meals & Packed Lunches


At Willow, we follow the 'Change 4 Life' initiative and promote healthy eating and dental care which means we are a WATER ONLY SCHOOL.  We expect all children to come to school with a drink in a named bottle. We do not allow glass bottles or bottles with screw cap lids that can easly be spilt. We politely request all children use a closed bottle with an integral  spout/ straw .

Every day in the UK there are 180 operations to remove children’s teeth due to tooth decay, at a significant cost to the NHS and to families. Therefore, we are committed to promoting drinking water, and banning fizzy drinks, cordials and other soft drinks will reduce tooth decay, promote healthier choices and improve the health of pupils. On average, children should be provided with 6-8 glasses of water per day and they are actively encouraged to drink water throughout the day.

Therefore, the only drink to be brought in, in a named water bottle, is plain water (unless for medical reasons or due to other specific additional needs).

*If a child has a medical condition that requires them to drink sugary drinks or dilute juice, then this is treated as an exception to this policy and will need to be approved by the Principal on a case by case basis with medical or professional evidence provided. Please contact the school office if this applies to you. 

School Meals and Packed Lunches

We do a lot of work to encourage our children to lead healthy lifestyles, including eating a healthy lunch. Children who have school dinners enjoy their healthy lunches.

School meals are provided by Doncaster Schools Catering. As part of the governments Universal Infant Free School Meals scheme there is no charge for pupils in Reception and Key Stage 1. 

Meals cost £2.60 per day for pupils in Key Stage 2, which is payable weekly in advance. For more information about Doncaster Schools Catering please click on the link below.

We operate ZERO Debt Policy which means all meals must be paid for in advance.