Friends of Willow

Friends of Willow/Fundraising Team

Willow Primary School is very happy to be supported by a group of parents, and carers, known as the Friends of Willow. We are currently recruiting parents to restart this group, following the pandemic.

They have, for many years, been invaluable in contributing their time, energy and enthusiasm to many events across the school year and have worked tirelessly to raise money for different projects which have benefited the children enormously.

They help the school with many other events throughout the year too including our Mother's Day and Father's Day breakfasts, our Christmas and Summer fairs and our sports events.

They have raised funds to provide extra books, playground equipment, staging, Foundation Stage play equipment, computers and plant boxes (to name just a few).

Helping the group 
If you would like to be part of 'Friends of Willow' please contact the school office. 

Helping the group can take many forms - you can offer time to support at events (one offs or regularly) or further support by attending our termly planning meetings. We have a group on Facebook and also a WhatsApp group you could join to share ideas without needing to attend the meetings. 

Other Opportunities to Support in School

We are developing our range of opportunities for parents to actively participate in supporting their children in school to include the following:

Parent's Fundraising Team
We are always looking for new members and new ideas. They organise various events throughout the year. These events will raise money that will enable us to buy equipment that might not otherwise be available to the school. You can offer time at events or further support attending our termly meetings. 

Parent Governors
From time to time the governing body recruits new members. If you are interested in becoming a school governor, please let one of our existing governors or the school office know.

Parent Readers and Volunteers
We welcome parents to come and read with the children, this helps the staff and the children too. If you're interested in volunteering in school, please contact Mrs Morley our Office Manager. All volunteers are subject to safeguarding checks. 

Parent/teacher Consultation Meetings
These provide a chance to find out how your child is achieving. There are consultation evenings in the Autumn and Summer terms but staff are happy to update you at any time if you arrange a meeting with them. A written report is sent home at the end of the Summer Term.

Parent Forums/Information sessions
There are opportunities to attend sessions where areas of the academy curriculum are discussed and explained in detail. These will run at least three times a year by the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team and you are invited to discuss a range of issues relating to practice in school. This in turn informs our decision making.

School Newsletter
We will distribute a school newsletter regularly with all the latest news and information.

School Website
Keep up to date by visiting our website.

We have a twitter account @AcademyWillow and a Facebook page where you can follow the school's progress and see what great activities we have been doing with the children. 

We aim to always listen to the views  of parents and carers who are encouraged to discuss all issues with staff or the headteacher as they arise. Parent’s concerns are treated seriously and dealt with sensitively in order to resolve the issue.

Meetings are held with appropriate staff and/ or the Headteacher, until the matter is dealt with to everyone’s satisfaction. Parent’s meetings are held twice a year and provide an opportunity for staff to update parents on their children’s progress and maintain dialogue between home and the academy.

All Parents receive newsletters and dates for diaries. Some parents are involved in using home/school journals to support their child’s learning.

A few parents attend meetings with the Lead Practitioner for Inclusion to access support for themselves or receive updates on their child.

Parents are also invited to support with class trips and other aspects of school life that may interest them. Please get in touch if you can offer support.