School Improvement Plan

School Development Priorities 2023/24

Our School Development Plan is a summary of the school’s priorities for the coming year and details the action we will be taking to ensure that Willow continues our drive towards excellence.

1. Writing & Reading

  • To use the application of the ethical dilemma-led approach to make writing more meaningful with greater engagement so that pupils’ attitudes, engagement and outcomes in writing is increased.
  •  To review and develop the writing sequence and the use of etymology, morphology and vocabulary to enhance the quality of writing across the curriculum.
  •  Further develop strategies in Early Reading, language development and writing so that all groups of pupils, including boys, make the strongest start.

2. Learning Pedagogy

  • To further develop Adaptive Teaching pedagogical strategies including independent challenge and the diagnostic use of assessment to accelerate the impact of the ambitious curriculum.
  •  To further embed the impact of review and recall through ‘Walkthrus’ and the school’s Teaching and Learning Handbook so that pupils know more, remember more and can do more.

3. STEM Curriculum Development.

  •  To further depth opportunities for application of the substantive and disciplinary knowledge in the STEM subjects so that outcomes are exceptional and pupils know more, remember more and can do more.

4. Curriculum Leadership

  • To further develop the quality of subject and curriculum leadership at all levels.
  • To continue to review and refine the school’s ambitious curriculum so that it only includes essential knowledge and ensures greater focus on the retrieval of core learning.