At Willow Primary School, we follow the Admissions policy for Doncaster Local Authority. 

Admission Arrangements 2022/23 School Year

These are the admission arrangements for the 2022/23 school year.
Unless delegated to the Local Authority, only the Governing Body is able to decide who is eligible for a place at the school. Neither the Headteacher nor their representatives are able to offer a school place.

General Statement

In Doncaster, each school serves a local community, usually referred to as the ‘catchment area’. These arrangements reflect the philosophy that ‘efficient education’ is particularly fostered by closely associating a secondary school and a group of linked primary schools, in a pyramid. In this way, the school becomes part of the provision for a community and the education of the community’s children benefits greatly from the association of its schools.

Admission Number

The admission number for the school is 60. A school must have an admission number for each ‘relevant age group’, defined in law as ‘an age group in which pupils are or will normally be admitted to the school in question’. The admission number for each year group is set with regard to the capacity assessment for the school taking into account the nature and type of the school buildings and provides for an acceptable amount of space for each pupil. Therefore, the admission number is set to benefit the children who are taught in the school and those who teach and support them. Where necessary, the Governing Body consults with the LA.

Before making a final decision, the Governing Body considers the number, and size, of classes or registration groups planned. These are determined within resources available. Where this results in places in excess of the admission number being available, places are offered strictly in criteria order.

In the case of the year of entry, a child may not normally be refused admission on the grounds of prejudice to efficient education or the efficient use of resources unless the number of applications for admission exceeds the admission number or a child is offered a school which is ranked higher on a Common Application Formi (CAF) under a Coordinated Admission Schemeii (CAS).

Expressing A Preference - Year of Entry

Applications for admission to a schools year of entry should be made in accordance with the relevant CAS.

Closing Date For Receipt Of Parental Preferences

The closing dates for receipt of preferences for the year of entry are in accordance with the Authority’s CAS. Late applications are processed in accordance with the relevant CAS.

Doncaster School Admissions

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