Late/Absence Procedures

Punctuality and Lateness:

Lateness is disruptive to ALL children and we know that routine is the key to success to make sure children arrive punctually.

At home, routine is the key to making simple changes for success.  Here are a few tips to try with the family:

  • Going to school unprepared can be a major worry for children - help them by checking school bags the night before, packing P.E. bags and keeping an eye on their homework.
  • Tired children aren't punctual and find it hard to learn, so ensure your child has a sensible bed time.
  • Help them get into a regular routine and set an alarm at the same time every morning.
  • Make time for breakfast there will be no stop off at the shops where they can get side tracked on the way to school.
  • Children can become unsettled if they have to go into school late and without their friends.
  • Have a memory board at home for special trips activities to help remind you and help them remember to prepare for it.
  • Try to be strict on absences and show your child that attending school is a priority to you and key to their success

The Education Welfare Officer constantly monitors the registers and will intervene with all cases below 95% or if lateness is becoming a barrier to progress or welfare.

Absence Procedures

We don’t have a huge issue with unexplained absences and our safeguarding systems have been recognised as being highly effective however there have been public cases in the past where schools have not chased up the reasons as to why children are off of school. It has then transpired that there have been tragic circumstances around these absences, e.g. illness of a parent and a child unable to seek help. 

We will do everything we can to prevent such situations occurring and the childrens safety is paramount to us all. 

Our attendance target is for all children to attend school for at least 97% of the year; however we do recognise that there are times when children will be unable to attend school. 

If a child is not going to be in school parents or carers are expected to call the office on 01302 539249 to speak with a member of staff or leave a voicemail. This must happen before 8.45am on the first day of the absence.

If we have not heard from parents by 9.10am then we will start to call all the contact numbers that you have provided in order to gain an explanation for the absence. We expect that parents provide the school with 3 different emergency contact numbers. If we still have not been able to ascertain where the child is then we may make a home visit. However if still haven’t been able to get a response then we will report it to the police as the child will then be classed a ‘missing child’.

This procedure is to ensure that we know where your child is and that you are all safe.