Year 6

Welcome to Wildcats Class and Foxes Classes!

In our classes, we aim to be the best we can. To help us do this, we collaborate and investigate with each other to maximise our learning time. We love to explore and share our experiences!

We are resilient! 

Information for Parents

Hello and welcome. Below is some key information for the spring term.

Home Learning

  • The children are expected to read 5 times per week as part of our weekly reading challenge. The challenge starts on a Friday evening and runs through to the following Thursday evening. The children's reading journals will be collected in on a Friday morning.  If the children have read 5 times there are prizes to be won!  Please could you write your initials each time they have read and sign the bottom of the journal each week.
  • In the spring term, the written maths home learning, in preparation for SATS, will be set on a Friday and should be completed by the following Thursday. In addition, written English home learning will be set on a Tuesday and should be returned by the following Monday.
  • Please could they also go onto Times Tables Rock Stars 3 times per week as well. Just short 10 minute blasts.
  • Finally, there will also be set spellings on SpellingFrame on a Monday. Each week they will need to go on SpellingFrame 3 times to practice and play games to help them learn the weeks words. They will then be tested each Monday morning on the previous weeks spellings.

All usernames and passwords will be stuck in the front of their reading journals and home learning books.

Staying Safe Week

Staying safe week saw the children learn first aid. This included: How to respond in an emergency situation,  CPR and how to use a defibrillator.

They also learnt how to be 'Sugar Smart' in Design Technology by looking at sugar content in food and how people could reduce their intake. In computing, they learnt about cyber security and created an algorithm to stay safe on the web. A great week was had by all!

Environment Topic

Spring term will see the children learn about the Environment, which is mainly a geography based topic.  Here are the challenge questions from geography they will face:

  • Lesson 1- What are the world’s climate zones?
  • Lesson 2 - Where are the worlds biomes located?
  • Lesson 3 -What are the physical and human features of the North and South Pole?
  • Lesson 4 -What is climate change? 
  • Lesson 5 – What impact has global warming had on Doncaster?  
  • Lesson 6 – How can we slow down the impact of climate change? 

In science, they will learn about adaptation and evolution.  As part of this the children visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to learn about the animals there.  They also took part a classroom session with the staff from the park to learn about adaptation and evolution. 


In maths, they became architects and studied the original designs by William Paine.  We then used our knowledge of measures to convert imperial measures to metric ones (feet to metres) and produced new scaled drawings of the ground floor.


In writing, we researched the Mansion House and then produced a non-chronological leaflet about it.  We used a range of report writing techniques to inform people about the historic building.


In geography, we studied maps of Doncaster from different periods over the last one hundred and eighty years.  We then investigated the similarities and differences over this period and looked at how the human geography had changed.


In art, the children learnt how the design of Doncaster Mansion House was strongly based on Palladianism, which is an approach to architecture strongly influenced by the sixteenth century architect Andrea Palladio. It is characterised by classical forms, symmetry, and strict proportion

Autumn's Topic World War 2 A siren sounds, a building crumbles, a spitfire zooms overhead.  Take cover!  It's 1939 and Britain is at war.  The children will learn about why the nations are at war and why child evacuees had to go on long journeys to be safe.  They will read Anne Franks diaries and learn about rationing, the blackout and why people had to 'Make to and mend'.  They will delve into a bygone era where loose lips sank ships. Here is some of the fantastic work produced by the children: