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Year 5

Hello Year 5! 


Miss McCreadie and Miss Pownall hope you are staying safe and enjoying your learning!


 It would be lovely if you could email us your home learning and let us know what you are getting up to. Our email address is





Hello Future Year 6's

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Please watch the video to find out what we would like you to do in preparation for your transition Teams meeting. We will let you know the precise time and date this week. We look forward to seeing you then! Enjoy!

Model Text and Details for Letter of Application

Home Learning Explained WC 6th July 2020

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Home Learning explained wc 22nd June 2020

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Home Learning explained wc 22nd June 2020

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Thank you for sending your wonderful work to us! Here is some of your fantastic work...

Home Learning explained wc 15th June 2020

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Hi from Miss McCreadie!.mp4

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Year 5 Home Learning Activities WC 18th May

Thank you for sharing your home learning with us!

Year 5 Home Learning Activities WC 11th May

D&T/maths home learning project - Building a garden planter

Year 5 Home Learning Activities WC 4th May 2020

VE Day celebrations - 1945 Street Party

Fantastic Home Learning!

Egyptian Hieroglyphics by Jack N
NHS Thankyou poem by Joe A
NHS Thankyou poem by Ryan L
Butterfly Life Cycle research by Faith C
Map of local area by Idrees

Year 5 Home Learning Activities WC 27th April 2020

Year 5 Home Learning Activities WC 20th April 2020

Home Learning!

Recycling crafts!
Ancient Egyptian flatbread- yum!
Emily's mod-rock River Nile!
Nurse Easter Egg
Ishaan's Problem Solving with Fractions!
Joe's Butterfly Life Cycle Research
Egyptian Art
Daniela's Skittles experiment (very cool!)
Lego Pyramid
Home Learning Ideas

Draw your own Eye of Horus on Purple Mash (Ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, power and good health)

30 day LEGO challenge!

Click on the PDF below and follow the instructions for each day. The only rule is to use your imagination and have fun! Take lots of photos. We can't wait to what you create!



Butterfly Metamorphosis

Stage 2: Caterpillars

Our greedy caterpillars have made it from Badgers' classroom to Miss McCreadie's kitchen, all safe and sound! They are enjoying their last few days as wiggly caterpillars before the next stage of their transformation!


Did you know?

Our fully grown caterpillars are now over 100 times bigger than when they emerged from their eggs! 


Home Learning Ideas

Why not use the internet to research fun facts about caterpillars and create a fact file which includes interesting facts and pictures? Think creatively about how you could present your information - could you use Purple Mash? You could then teach the other people in your house everything you have found out about caterpillars!

Stage 3: Chrysalids

Our fully grown caterpillars have now stored up enough energy and are ready for the next stage of metamorphosis. They have climbed to the top of the cup and attached themselves to the underside of the lid. You can see they are hanging in a letter 'j' shape, and have begun to harden into chrysalids. After three days, the chrysalids were hard enough for Miss McCreadie to transfer them into the butterfly habitat, where they will take about two weeks to form into butterflies! 


Did you know?

The hard case which forms around the chrysalids is used to protect it from predators and extreme weather conditions.


Home Learning Ideas

Have a look in your own garden for any caterpillars, or even butterflies which are enjoying the spring sunshine! You could draw a picture or take a photograph of what you find! Can you research what type of butterfly you have found?

Stage 4: Butterflies!

Finally! After two weeks as chrysalids, our Painted Lady butterflies have hatched and are ready to be released into the garden. Aren't they beautiful? 


Did you know?

Our Painted Lady butterflies can cover a lot of ground- up to 100 miles per day during their migration! 


Home Learning Ideas

Butterfly art (drawing, painting, photography, collage, stained-glass window etc.)

Painted Lady butterfly fact file 

 Butterfly poem 



Reading is so important and we want you to have fun with this 20 day reading challenge!

You could take a photo each day to document your progress through the challenges


1. Read under the covers

2. Read an adventure book

3. Read a book with no pictures

4. Read a mystery book

5. Read a book someone else chooses for you

6. Read a book to someone else

7. Read in your garden

8. Whisper read

9. Read a biography or true story

10. Read a comic book

11. Read a magazine

12. Read poetry

13. Read in your pajamas  

14. Read to your pet or your favourite teddy

15. Read whilst eating a snack

16. Read a book with the main character being a girl

17. Read a book written before you were born

18. Read a book published this year

19. Read a book with a boy main character

20. Reread your favourite book

Spelling and Grammar

White Rose Maths will be providing five maths lessons each week for the next few weeks. This is the same sequence of learning that the children would have been learning in school. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully. The website link for the Year 5 lessons is below:

Spot Miss McCreadie's Mistake!


Oh dear! Miss McCreadie has forgotten how to subtract mixed numbers sad


Can you explain her mistake, and show her how to find the correct answer? laugh


You can email your answers to



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