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Year 5

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Hello Year 5! 


Home Learning for those who are self-isolating

If your child is self-isolating, it is important that they continue their learning from home. Please see the guidance below: 


The children are expected read five times per week and to complete daily activities on:

  • Purple Mash
  • Bedrock Vocabulary
  • Mathletics
  • Times Tables Rockstars


To support you with your maths learning, please use the videos available on the White Rose Maths website:


The BFG Narrative Writing (lessons 1-20)

Please use the Oak National Academy for English lessons and resources. You can find the link below.

Key Stage 2, English, Units, The BFG - Narrative Writing, Lessons 

You will need to complete one lesson per day. 



Topic Learning and Resources


Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Read the information below about Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and create an information leaflet. 


Challenge: Can you write your name in hieroglyphics?


Read the information page below about mummification and answer the following questions in full sentences. 


1. What did the Ancient Egyptians believe in?

2. How long did the mummification process take?

3. In your own words, describe each stage of the mummification process. You will need to describe all 6 stages. 

4. What organs did each of the canopic jars protect? 

5. Where were the four jars stored after they had been filled with organs?




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