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Year 4

Please email any photographs or work to -

Week 12 commencing 13.7.20

Home Learning Overview 13.07.20

Summer Reading Bingo Challenge

Hello Future Year Fives!

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Week 11 Commencing 06.07.20

Examples of posters about plastic pollution


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Plastic Challenge for July

Week 10 Commencing 29.06.20


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Week 9 Commencing 22.06.20

Home Learning Sheet - 22.06.20

Home Learning Week Commencing 22.06.20

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Week 8 Commencing 15th June

Suggested Learning Overview

Mrs Newton talks about the learning for the week commencing 15th June

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Summer Term


    Suggested learning

Week 7
Here are our suggested Home Learning Tasks. These will be updated and added to if needed.
Below you will find the documents and other materials you will need for the home learning.

Mrs Rossall talks about this week - week commencing 8th June 2020

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Week Commencing 08.06.20 - Week 7

Nelson Mandela

Week 6

Find out all about the Great Barrier Reef. Use these resources to help you find out:

  • where it is
  • what it is
  • why it is important
  • what creatures live there
  • why is it under threat


Present your findings in a poster or a factfile. Remember all the features of good writing we have worked on this year.

Our school author Peter J Murray has been in touch with us and has told us about his spooky book 'Krushmeister' that is FREE to download on his website!

Visit today for your free download.


Week 5


This week you can find out all about adaptation and how different sea creatures have adapted to living in the ocean.

First look at these short clips to find out about adaptation:

Now read this information and watch this short video from BBC Blue Planet. Choose a creature which either uses bioluminescence or has adapted to suit life in the ocean and create a fact file.

Our favourite creatures are Anglerfish, Siphonophore, Alarm Jellyfish and Barbeled Dragonfish!

Please send them to us using the Year home learning email address - we can't wait to read them!

Week 1 

Topic - Oceans


Research the different layers of the ocean and find out what animals inhabit them.

Blue Planet is available on BBC iPlayer!


Week 2

Topic - Oceans


Recap on your KS1 learning by naming the oceans and seas of the world and research a creature that lives in each one. You could label a map, you could write a factfile for each one, or draw a picture and write a description.

Here is a blank world map you could use:


Log into Purple Mash and complete some of the coding activities - challenge your parents to see if they can debug one of the programmes with you!

Maths Revision

Victory in Europe Day


Week 3

Topic - Oceans

What is a food chain?

Read this information to find out - you might remember some of it from KS1.

Find out about consumers, producers, prey, predators.

Once you have read through the Powerpoint and completed the activity to make your own food chain, why not share it with us in our email address. 

You could even think of different ways to present your food chains - a poster, some artwork, a mobile etc.

More activities about food chains

Rectilinear Shapes

Week 4

Have you tried the following websites?


We were supposed to be visiting The Deep at Hull for our topic. Have a look at their home learning section on their website.

Try the CSI Seashore work  and why not try drawing some of the sea creatures using the guidance. Share them using the email address


Log into Purple Mash and complete some of the coding activities - challenge your parents to see if they can debug one of the programmes with you!

British Sign Language - Learn a new skill!

Additional resources

Marble Maze

David Hockney - Joiners Technique

Here you can find extra resources to help you with your home learning.

Place Value

Divide by 10 Place Value

Equivalent Fractions

Visit White Rose Maths Year 4 Home Learning online today for daily maths sessions and activities!


For helpful resources, visit Mathsbot!



We set lots of tasks on Purple Mash! Keep looking for updates!



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