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Year 2

September 2020

Welcome to Year 2 


We will continue to update our home learning area of the website with information and activities should your child be unable to attend school. 


Please feel to contact Mrs Singh or Mrs Garvey at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Phonics and Reading

We always start the day with a phonics lesson using Read Write Inc. Please help your child to read their book, encouraging them to identify the sounds in words. It does not matter if your child reads the same book several times as this will help them with their accuracy, fluency and understanding. Please ask your children questions about what they have read to improve their comprehension skills.  


White Rose Maths

Each week we will upload the worksheets that we would like your child to complete. These worksheets will shadow what learning will be taking place in school. There is also a video to accompany each worksheet. Please follow the link below to access these. 


It would also be really useful if you could practice maths verbally with your child. This will really help to support their written maths. Some of the things you could practice with them are:


Counting from 0 to 100 and back again

Counting in 2's 5's and 10's

Number bonds of 10 and 20

Simple addition and subtraction equations for them to work out mentally

Days of the week

Months of the year

Money - value of coins and notes

Telling the time to o clock and half past

This week we will be completing our end of unit assessment. The children who are home learning will complete this when they return to school. 

Please use this time to encourage the children to complete activites on TT Rockstars and Mathletics. 


English w/c 23rd November, 30th November and 7th December.

Our final English cycle of this term is where the children learn the skills to write their own recount of The Gunpowder Plot. The children should already know this story very well as we have been learning about it in History. There are some really good resources in the History section should your child need reminding of the story. In this cycle we will look at what features are needed in a recount such as the ordering of the events and using time conjunctions (first, next, after, then, finally). We have produced a model text to support the children which they will learn through talk for writing which will then support them when they write their own recount. 

As well as the resources below we have also set a couple of 2Do's on Purple Mash to support this topic. Please ask the children to submit their learning to use on Purple Mash once complete so that we can provide feedback. 


English w/c 9th & 16th November 

Our new topic in English is poetry and the children will be writing a senses poem about bonfire. We will be thinking about what we can see, smell, touch, taste and hear when we are at a bonfire on 5th November. First we will look at a poem Mrs Garvey and Mrs Singh have created, picking out the senses, what it being described and the adjectives that have been used. The children will then change some of the ideas in this poem to make it their own and will then write their poem and perform it. 


Here are some resources to support this topic.


English w/c 2nd November 

This week in English the children will be completing an independent piece of writing. In our first English sequence the children described the wicked wizard from our key text 'The Princess and the wizard' and this week the children will be revisiting this by describing another character from the same story - the Fairy Godmother. As this is a piece of independent writing the children are having very little guidance and support as we want them to get their creative juices flowing and show us what they can do. We will be recapping nouns and adjectives and also reminding the children that when describing a character it is important to describe both what the character looks like as well as the characters personality. It would be great if the children at home could also complete this. We would love for you to email a copy through to us so that we can have a look. 


English w/c 5th October and w/c 12th October

Oak National Academy - The Magic Paintbrush


In school the children will be developing their writing skills to retell a story in the past tense with an emphasis on verbs. 


Please follow the link below to Oak National Academy where the children can access learning similar to what will be taught in school. The beginning of each English lesson includes a phonics session, which will also be beneficial for the children to complete.


w/c 9th & 16th November:


Over these two weeks the children will be learning about who Guy Fawkes is and the story of the Gunpowder Plot. The children will be listening to the story and then acting out the story in small groups to help them understand the story and the events that happened in the Gunpowder plot. We understand this might not be possible at home so as an alternative it would be great for the children to create their own book of the Gunpowder Plot. Please see resources below which includes a powerpoint detailing the story of the Gunpowder Plot and a template for the story. 


Our topic in Science has been about animals including humans. We have looked at the basic needs of humans and animals (air, water, food and warmth) and we have looked at a range of life cycles (human, chicken, butterfly and frog). We are now moving on to learning about being healthy where we will focus on exercise and eating a balanced diet. 

We have set a number of 2Do tasks, based on our Science topic, on Purple Mash for the children to complete. Please submit them to us once complete so that we can provide feedback. 




In Geography the children will be learning about the four counties in the United Kingdom, their capital cities and the surrounding seas and oceans. Please follow the link below to modules on Oak National Academy which match our learning in school. 



This term the children have been looking at the artist Paul Klee and have been producing their own version of The Castles and Sun artwork. The link below will take the children step by step to produce their own artwork at home. Should you not have any pastels available, coloured pencils or pens would be fine. 

Design & Technology

This half term the children will be making box models castles. They will plan their model, make it and then evaluate it. The children will be using shoe boxes and other cardboard recycling. We are encouraging the children to think carefully about trying to include the features of castles that we have been learning in class. Below is a link to the planning sheet and evaluation sheets that the children will complete.

Black History Month


Our Year 2 topic is Kings Queens and Castles. So far we have had an introduction into the role of Kings and Queens, as well as learning names of past and present Kings and Queens. We have also learnt about castles and how they have changed over time. 


Due to it being Black History Month we thought it would be good for the children to make a comparison between our current Queen and Queen Shebah III from Ethiopia. 


This week we will be focussing on the way they dress by looking at photographs of them and labelling them. We will also write comparison sentences underneath. 


The resource for this activity is attached below. 




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