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Welcome to Squirrels Class!
Remember it is our 'Sport's Week' this week. Children should come to school in sports clothes each day (Tuesday to Friday) with either a black or green top on Friday to support their team. They had a letter about this a few weeks ago. 

Year 1 Enterprise Project

We have started our 'Enterprise Project' for this year. We are making note or photo holders in different shapes. So far we have started to make our shapes before we decorate them. Hopefully they are drying out over the weekend so we can make our next set next week.  


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This half term our topic is 'Superheroes'.

Following our start when we were being superheroes we have since looked at real life heroes like doctors, firefighters and lifeguards. We are now learning about some historical heroes who have helped to change the world into what we have now. We were shocked at how differently people used to be treated just because they were women or had a different skin colour!

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Heritage and Diversity Fortnight


This week we have started our artwork based on artwork from another country. So far we have used a wet wash to create the background before using sponges to add more colour. Next week we are going to add the detail and will be showing some of them at our showcase next Friday morning (Friday 24th May).



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Next we added the people using black felt tips and collage for the clothes. 
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Tasting Chinese food - the prawn crackers were our favourite

Tasting Chinese food - the prawn crackers were our favourite 1

The end of our 'Enchanted Woodland' topic


This week we went out to our woodland area to read a story. We talked about the trees and plants that we saw on the way, as well as the animals we might see and hear. We made our own masks to wear so we fitted in with the woodland animals.

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This half term we are learning about plants, trees and animals as part of our topic 'The Enchanted Woodland'.


We had a fantastic time at Sandall Beat Woods. We got to explore the woods, make a 'story stick' and woodland homes and finished our trip off with cooking on a campfire - a favourite for many of the children and adults!



During 'Science Week' we had lots of fun exploring and asking questions. We looked closely at how trees and plants are starting to grow at the start of spring and explored the buds.

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Another of our experiments was creating a rainbow. You can try this for yourself at home - all you need is some skittles, a paper plate and some warm water. 

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