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During our Woodland topic our Science has been all about plants and our Geography work linked as it was about seasonal change.



This week we are carrying out an investigation to find out what is inside a bud. 


Can you find buds from different plants and trees, they might be buds for leaves or flowers?  (please only pick one bud from each plant or tree so the others can continue to grow)

Draw each bud and look at them closely from the outside

- is anything the same about the buds?

- is anything different about the buds?


Next, carefully peel off the layers of one bud, putting each piece in order in a line as you take it off. 

Repeat for each bud, making separate lines for each bud.


Draw what you have found for each of the buds.


Is each bud the same? 

What is the same or different?


Answer the question - what is inside a bud?

What reasons do you have for your answer?






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