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Welcome to the Robins Class!

I am so proud of my new Robins, who have had a fantastic start to the new school year.  They have all showed good listening skills and have been able to follow new routines. In class we have being focussing on our school B rules and ASPIRE values.


I look forward to a super year where we will be working as a team to achieve our targets.

Mrs Singh.

Reading at home

Please encourage your child to read at home every night. They should be bringing their reading folder home every day from school. We will be changing their books once a week on a Monday so please ensure they have been signed to say that you have listened to them read their school reading book five times.

Thank you.  

Our reading area...

Mrs Singh and Mrs Garvey have been working hard over the summer to update the reading corner in the Year 2 shared area. We think the children will really enjoy using this area.  

Communication with Mrs Singh

Please use our class email to communicate with us. Please remember to write in the subject field Kingfishers or Robins so that the corresponding teacher can pick up the emails. 

Light  bulb 💡 moments!! 

In year two we want the children to be able to express and share any ideas they have. This could be in the class or out of school. We celebrate these ‘light bulb moments’ by giving the child the opportunity to explain their idea verbally and the also receive a light bulb 💡 that they keep at their table. This is do they can be recognised for having a good idea and adults in our class can ask them questions about their new idea. This will improve independence, communication, self-confidence and more!! You might like to talk to your child about this at home. 



This term we will be learning - 



In English we will be focussing on how to construct a sentence.  This will be supported by a resource call 'Colourful Semantics.'  This is a targeted approach to support children with their sentence building and to teach them about sentence structure.

For more information please click the link below.


This term in maths we will be concentrating on place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and money. These lessons will include written and practical activities in class and outside.

Below is the link for the written activities that we will complete for the pupils that are learning from home.

After each block of learning there will be a short assessment that will be completed in class.

Maths Meeting 

In addition to our daily maths lesson we also have a maths meeting where we focus on counting in multiples, days of the week, months of the year, recognising coins and shapes and maths vocabulary.  This maths meeting lasts for about 15 minutes.



Our topic this term is called 'Kings, Queens and Castles.' We will focus on -

  • What is a Monarch?
  • Famous British Monarchs in the past
  • Medieval castles
  • Elisabeth 1 and James 1
  • Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot

Below are some history activities for pupils that are learning from home. 


Curriculum Visit

As part of our learning we will be visiting Conisbrough Castle.



In science we will be learning how living things can stay healthy. This will include - 

  • Adults and their offspring
  • Life cycles
  • Basic needs of animals and humans 
  • What keeps us healthy
  • Food groups and a balanced diet
  • Exercise and avoiding obesity

Below are science activities that pupils learning from home can complete.



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