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Recovery Plan and Remote Learning Plan

'Step-Up September': Our Recovery Plan for Autumn Term.


We are committing time during September to ensure that routines, expectations, standards, relationships and values are quickly re-established.


At the heart of these plans, getting children ‘back-on-track’ in both an academic and emotional sense is the absolute priority.


We recognise that Step-Up September is the start of our journey of recovery and the strategies will continue beyond the Autumn Term if needed.


Please see our Step-Up September plan on the document below:

Wellbeing Week


The first full week of term will be devoted to well-being, in support of our recovery plans.

During Well-being Week, pupils will think about their well-being and about their character strengths.

Lots of discussions will take place to give pupils the opportunity to explore our school values and how they can help us with our well-being.

Based on the guidance from the Mental Health Foundation there are 5 ways to well-being which are a set of really simple actions that we can all take that have been shown to improve people's well-being.


The week will focus on the Five ways to Well-being:

Monday: Connect

Tuesday: Keep Learning

Wednesday: Be Mindful

Thursday: Get Active

Friday: Give To Others

Remote Learning Plan


In the event of a lock lockdown or a group of children needing to self isolate (individuals, class groups or whole school), the school has a plan to ensure the curriculum continues to delivered to be children in the most appropriate way. 


The document below summarises the Remote Learning Plan for the school. 

Recovery Maths Curriculum 2020/21


Due to the Covid 19 crisis we will be following the updated White Rose Maths schemes which allows use to recap on prior learning and teach the missed objectives. In addition, each year group has produced a document as part of the transition process to inform the children's new class teacher what was missed during lockdown.  This will ensure there are no gaps in the children's learning.