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Welcome to Rabbits Class 2020!


It has been great to welcome the new Rabbits this year and we have been so impressed with how well they have settled into life in Year One, even with all the changes this year brings, and welcomed new children to our school.

Please keep checking back on this page to find out more about what we have been doing in school and remember you can get in touch with Mrs Ostle using the email below:



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Rabbits 2019


Moon Zoom


Our first topic in Year One is giving us the chance to learn about space. We will be learning about what is in space, how we know about space and what people do so that we can learn about space.

Our visit into the mobile planetarium


To start our topic we got to experience a bit of life in space by going into the mobile planetarium which came to our school hall. We all got to see the different planets, the sun and other stars as well as finding out about the astronauts and some of their adventures in space. We will be learning even more about these during our topic.


Alien crash site found in school grounds!


This morning we went to look outside to see what we could see in the sky during the day time (not much apart from a lot of grey clouds this afternoon although the sun was trying to sneak through at times!) However, we did find damage on our woodland area with lots of different parts as well as some green goo and big white footprints! We couldn't find anything that might have made these footprints or left these items but we do wonder if an alien might have crashed here! We will be looking out for anything strange as we continue our 'space' learning.




This week we have been designing and making our own box model spaceships. We then evaluated what we had made, thinking about what we liked about our models and what we would improve if we made them again. Often we said it was easier to design what we wanted rather than get the finished item looking like what we wanted it to be like!


Clay aliens


This week we have all had the chance to make a clay alien. It was hard work shaping the clay into what we wanted our alien to be like! We have had to leave our clay to dry now before we can paint it after the holidays.


My alien


After reading her story and writing about an alien called 'Beegu' we have now been to the computer suite and designed our own aliens. We have also drawn our own alien and used this as the start of some of our own writing. We have described our aliens and written this up onto some best paper. We look forward to sharing this writing, along with other things, with you at our 'Express Event' on Monday 2nd November at 2.30pm. 

Rabbits 2018

Culture and DIversity Fortnight

We have discussed where in the world our families come from. We have been lucky enough to have 2 parent visitors in to talk about the country they grew up in. We learned facts about India and Latvia including the weather, where it is on a map, the sport people play there and the food they eat.


We looked at African art and used our art skills to recreate a picture. We did a wash and sponged the background, then using black felt tip added the people and a collage for the clothes.

Chinese food tasting. We enjoyed trying egg fried rice, spring rolls, prawn crackers and lychees.

Enchanted Woodland- we ended our topic by going outside to share a story with Mr Fox and his friends. We made masks so we didn't scare them away!



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