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PE With Joe 2021 | Wednesday 20.1.21

Geography Friday .1.21

  1. Work through the Oak Academy unit of work on Englan as a part of the United Kingdom.
  2. There are additional activities about the British Isles in Purple Mash if you would like to test yourself (they don't show until after the lesson)


  1. Complete Vehicles 2Do
  2. Then follow these instructions in the ‘Free Code Gibbon’ 2Do
    1. Today we will be creating a new program to behave as they would in the real world. We will be using vehicle objects and they should move at different speeds and should change angles.
    2. Drag in a vehicle object.
    3. Exit Design Mode and drag the vehicle into the black code box.
    4. For the program, include at least three vehicles that travel at different speeds, and at least one vehicle should change angle.
    5. How many vehicles will you include in your program? What will your program do?
    6. Now try with a different object. Double-click on the vehicle and change it into something else.



Bob Marley & The Wailers - Three Little Birds (Official Video)

Learn this song.

'Three little birds' - with sign language

Now can you learn it in sign language?



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