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PSHCE Assignment Resources 15.01.21. Use the PowerPoint to detail the effects that alcohol can have on our bodies.


Here is a link to some physical activities you could do.

Peace Out

Use these Peace Out videos for some relaxation and mindfulness.

Topic- Mountains and Earthquakes

Spring Term 1 - 1 activity per week

See also the work set on MS teams

Using an Ordnance Survey (OS) Map

Read the information about using OS maps and see if you can learn what the symbols mean. Then do the matching activity.

Using Compass Points

Read through the Powerpoint about using Compass points.

Then draw your own compass and label each of the 8 directions, or complete the sheet.

Then there is a sheet to test you can use the compass directions!

Using Grid References on a map

Read through the Powerpoint and then do the Treasure Island activity sheet.

See if you have any OS maps at home you can look at in real life.

Spring 1 - One lesson per week. British Sign Language - Learn a new skill!

Music - Spring 1. One lesson per week.


  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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