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Week commencing 12th July 2021

We are continuing our Woodland topic this half term. 



Each afternoon we complete at least one activity from our other subjects.



Following on from last week's transition day to Year 2 we are thinking about what makes us special. We are going to do this by creating a self portrait of ourselves. There are some ideas on the PowerPoint of how different artists have created self-portraits. How will you draw yours?


We are continuing with our coding activities throughout this last half term - have a go at some of the coding '2Do's' on Purple Mash, or try your own coding activities.


Geography and History

Think about the woods you know about - what are they like? How have they changed? Draw a simple map to show what is there. 



If you feel up to it, can you practise your throwing and catching? We are continuing to build up our ball control this term, including controlling a ball as we pass it between us and a friend - can you get the ball to bounce before someone catches it? Can you pass the ball and catch it without it bouncing? Can you get the ball to bounce twice before someone catches it? Can you get the ball to clear a line before it bounces? Do you have something like a bat or tennis racquet you can use to balance the ball as you move around? (if not use your hand),  Can you hit the ball using a bat or racquet - keep practising!


A quieter activity might be to try some Yoga - Cosmic Kids has some great sessions you can follow.



PSHE (Ongoing throughout the week)

After being apart and away from school for so long we are going to spend a lot of time re-developing our friendships and remembering our school values and expectations so that we can all get along, be happy and be super learners in Year One. We are also thinking about what it will be like in Year Two and sharing any worries so that we can try and answer these and help everyone feel happy about the change.


What have you enjoyed about being in Year One?

What will you miss and why?

What would you tell someone who is starting in Year One about what they will do over the year?


It would be great to see some of these suggestions to pass on to our new starters in September. 



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