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Other Subjects



Each afternoon we complete at least one activity from our other subjects.

This week we have:


Art (Monday for Rabbits, Wednesday for Squirrels)

We are continuing to look at the artwork of Van Gogh, Undergrowth with Two Figures. This week we are exploring different ways that we could paint the flowers. We will be trying out using a paintbrush, finger print, cotton bud and sponge to paint the flowers and deciding which way will be the best to do this, ready for when we paint our version of the picture. Can you try the same things to paint with? If you don't have all the resources what else could you try to paint with for the simple flower affect?


Computing  (Monday for Squirrels, Wednesday for Rabbits)

We are continuing with our coding activities - have a go at some of the coding '2Do's' on Purple Mash' - in class we are continuing to make our characters move on the backgrounds we created last week on 'Free Code Chimp' and working on 'collision detection' - telling our character what to do when it bumps into something!


Geography (Thursday)

This week our Science and Geography continue to link together as we think about how a deciduous tree changes over the year. Have a look on the Science page for more information and the activity sheet.


PE (Tuesday and Friday)

If you feel up to it, can you practise your throwing and catching? We are building up our ball control, including using a tennis racquet if you have one to balance a ball and then to let the ball drop to the ground from the racquet. 


A quieter activity might be to try some Yoga - Cosmic Kids has some great sessions you can follow.



PSHE (ongoing throughout the week)

After being apart and away from school for so long we are going to spend a lot of time re-developing our friendships and remembering our school values and expectations so that we can all get along, be happy and be super learners in Year One. 

Our session this week is based on People who can help us away from home. 



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