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Homework. September 2020. Autumn Term.

Welcome to Kestrels Class!

Kestrels class work hard with Mrs Rossall, Mrs Newton, and Mrs Singh

Here we will sharing some of the work we are doing in class throughout the year.

We hope you enjoy it!

Friendship and Respect Week

As part of Friendship and Respect week we are making new friends across the ocean!! We have new penpals from the British International School of Boston, Massachussets, USA.

Mrs Rossall is friends with, and went to university with Miss Yeardley who works in Year 4 at the school in Boston. Please take some time to explore their website and read all about Miss Yeardley. You could even research life in Boston compared with life in Doncaster. Mrs Rossall has visited a couple of times and she loved it!


Autumn Term - 1066 and the Normans

This term our topic is "1066 and the Normans" and we are enjoying finding out about the key events and people from the year 1066. At the end of the topic we will be discussing the enquiry question - "Should we care about 1066" and considering what happened in this year that influenced the future.

We had an amazing trip to Conisbrough Castle at the start of the term and found out all about the history of the castle whilst exploring the keep and the grounds. We also used our history detective skills to find out what the different rooms used to be. It was lovely to enjoy some time outside sketching too.

We have tried to develop our archery skills using target games and have been practising an invasion game - Normans V Anglo-Saxons!

We are currently exploring the Bayeux Tapestry as historical evidence and are using Peer Critique to improve our sketching skills. Soon we will be developing our own sewing skills to make a mixed media representation from the Bayeux Tapestry.


Science - Sound

Our current Science topic is Sound and we are learning all about how sound is made, how we hear and how sound travels.

We experimented with materials that stopped sound travelling - insulators. We tested different materials and then worked as a team to design and make a soundproof box. We put an alarm clock inside each one and measured the volume we could still hear in decibels. Well done to table 1 who designed the best box to stop sound travelling using a combination of foam and carpet.


Wider Opportunities Music

Currently Kestrels are having a lot of fun learning Samba music. We are using a variety of instruments including Serdo, Ganza, Agogo and Tamborims.

We have learned songs in rounds, learned about beat and rhythms and now we are sounding amazing. It is also VERY LOUD!!! We will be rivalling carnival in Brazil before we know it!