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Foundation Stage/ Reception


Early Years Foundation Stage


At Willow Primary School, we understand that children develop rapidly during the early years – physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially and we therefore plan a provision that extends their knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence.


We plan a relevant curriculum that ensures that the early years’ experience builds on what children already know and can do which encourages a positive attitude and disposition to learning.


Within the school day there are opportunities for children to engage in activities planned by adults and also those that they plan or initiate themselves. There are times throughout the week where the children learn in a large group, small group or individually depending on the needs of the children.


Children do not make a distinction between ‘play’  and ‘work’ and neither do our practitioners ensuring that children have time to become engrossed, work in depth and complete activities. The children are exposed to rich and stimulating experiences inside and outside within which children can explore experiment, plan and make decisions for themselves enabling them to learn and develop. 


Teachers and Teaching assistants constantly assess where the children are and plan the next steps for each individual child to ensure that the child develops and progresses across all areas of the Early Years.



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