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Curriculum Information

Curriculum Design (Intent)

We have designed our curriculum so that it meets the needs of and engages our children. For some of our subjects we start with the Cornerstones curriculum as the basis of our curriculum but have developed this  to make our curriculum link to our school's individual needs and  our local community.


Curriculum Drivers - Cultural Capital

At the heart of our curriculum are our curriculum drivers and we believe these curriculum drivers will give our children the Cultural Capital they need to be successful  in learning and life:

  • Enterprise
  • Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Parent and Community
  • Learning Superpowers (Resilience, Evaluation, Investigation and Collaboration) 


Each Phase Team records and celebrates the development of the Curriculum Drivers in shared Folders. 



Long Term Curriculum Plans


On this page and in the linked pages you will find out all about our curriculum at Willow.

There is information about our Curriculum Intent (what we teach), our Curriculum Implementation (how we teach it) and our Curriculum Impact (how our curriculum has an impact on our children). 


Our curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced so that it builds skills, knowledge and understanding in a progressive way. 

Reading and Enquiry are at the heart of our curriculum as well as our Curriculum Drivers; we aim to link the learning together so that our pupils understand where and how their knowledge fits in the world. 


Our Teachers work together to produce Long Term Plans for each year. It is an overview created by year group teams, which outlines the overarching themes, stimulus and core texts that will be used throughout the year to engage pupils in the learning.

It includes a brief summary of the learning that the children in each year group will be achieve by the end of the academic year.

This planning ensures that there are rich and thoughtful stimuli for learning in place in order that a rich and engaging curriculum is provided for pupils. 


The Long Term Plans for 2019/20 can be found in the documents below:

Knowledge Organisers and Skills Progression

For each topic we have knowledge organisers for history, geography and science. We also have skills progression documents to show which skills we will be teaching in the other foundation subjects. Click the links below to view our knowledge organisers as well as the documents where we have mapped out the objectives and content of our science, history and geography curriculum.



In Key Stage 1 and 2, our pupils record their learning in books and folders. We focus our books in these areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing & Writing Skills (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)
  • Mathematics
  • Our World (Science, History, Geography, Art, Design & Technology, Music, Computing)
  • Our Community (PSHCE, RE, British Values)


In Reception, children's learning is recorded in a Learning Journey Folder that is available for parents to view in school. 


Knowledge Organiser Foundation Stage
Knowledge Organisers Year 1
Knowledge Organisers Year 2
Knowledge Organisers Year 3
Knowledge Organisers Year 4
Knowledge Organisers Year 5
Knowledge Organisers Year 6


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