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Big Talk Education

At Willow Primary School, we also use the Big Talk Education 'Growing Up Safe Programme‘ to support the teaching and learning of RSE. We have selected the whole school Big Talk approach,  where a specialist team of facilitators work with pupils, parents and school staff. This high quality, age appropriate RSE programme is designed to keep children safe, healthy and happy. 


The Big Talk programme does not only ensure that the statutory objectives are taught but also combines them with additional PSHE objectives, ensuring our children are given the tools to become, life long learners and acquire personal skills and attributes to help them in their future lives.


What themes are covered at what key stage?


At ages 4 to 8 (UK Reception, School Years 1, 2 & 3), Big Talk use specially designed child friendly resources. By the end of the session, pupils will be able to identify happy situations and those which may be risky (e.g. other children or adults taking improper photographs of them, inappropriate touches, exposure to unsuitable media etc.) plus who they can talk to if they are worried.


At ages 8 to 9 (School Year 4, 5 & 6) Big Talk cover different kinds of families (same sex parents, foster families etc.), the emotional and physical changes of growing up, similarities and differences between boys and girls (including transgender), coping with different emotions, looking after our bodies as they change and the onset of periods (puberty).  In these classes Big Talk explain that babies are made from ovums and sperm then develop in the womb (reproduction). How to be safe and healthy linking back to and building on identifiable risks, we also strengthen awareness of “our body is our own” and personal safety especially on-line grooming, etc.

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