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Welcome to Badgers Class!


Autumn Term 1



This half term, year 5 have been learning all about the terrifying Black Death...Yikes! During our ‘Hook Day’ we learnt about the job of a plague doctor and the protective clothing that they wore. We used paper mache and poster paint to make our own plague doctor masks, remembering to stuff the beak with scented herbs to ward off the infection! We also learnt about the bizarre remedies used in the middle ages to cure people of the plague and then created our own herbal remedies using some very unusual ingredients! Take a look at the photos below to see what we got up to!


Autumn Term 2



The sky was definitely not the limit for Badgers Class this half term as we have been learning all about Space!


Our highlights from this topic include:


  • Working in teams to make scale models of the Solar System, using different sized fruit to represent each planet.
  • Using the 'drip technique' inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock to create galaxy art.
  • Travelling through space in the Starlincs mobile planetarium!
  • Learning all about the astronaut Tim Peake and tasting space food... Yuk!
  • Choregraphing a short dance routine to the classical music 'Jupiter' written by the famous composer, Gustav Holtz. 




Spring Term 1

Firedamp and Davy Lamps


Year 5 have been learning all about coal mining this half term. We kick-started the topic with a fantastic trip to the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield. Here, we were given a guided tour underground by an ex-miner - it was so exciting! We learnt about life as a coal miner and how much things have changed since the Victorian times. 





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